motivational and inspirational quotes


The writer will always glorify the hunter unless and until the lion learns how to write ~ African Proverb


When i first read this quote, it opened up so many dimensions for me that i can write a whole new article on this. Since then, Motivational and Inspirational quotes have helped me so much in being consistent and progress towards my dreams and goals.


A lot of people among us believe that motivation and inspiration is all crap. However, i firmly believe that motivation and inspiration is not for people who don’t want to do anything and wait for an accident or miracle to happen. Consider a simple example of working out at the gym. Once you enter the gym for the first time, you have done more than 50% of the job. Now you look for inspirations. You look forward to all of those people who have worked hard and have never given up. The result is right there in front of your eyes.


motivational and inspirational quotes


If you are performing push ups and your limit is doing 25 push ups at a time, motivation can help you stretch your limits and perform a couple of extra push ups. However, the best thing is, those 2 extra push ups play a very significant role in building the muscle.


Therefore, motivational and inspirational quotes will never work out for people who do nothing in their lives. However, if there is somebody who wants to achieve something in life, trust me, motivational and inspirational quotes, stories, videos or books will always help you move forward, progress and achieve success in life.


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. However, nothing can be done without hope and confidence ~ Helen Keller

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