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Motivation has always been a debatable topic. While some believe that its like a balloon filled with air and as the time passes, the air gets out and balloon comes back to its normal size, others believe that it is extremely necessary for us and is a major driving factor.
Zig Ziglar, one of the best public speakers of all times was questioned about motivation. He was asked by a woman during one of his sessions that while you are trying to motivate us, the moment you and us leave this room, we are going to return to our normal lives. In short, it won’t stay there.
The response of Mr. Zig Ziglar was spot on. He asked the woman if she takes a bath? She was shocked at first. She told him that she takes bath regularly. Ziglar then explained that motivation is like taking a bath. You just can’t avoid taking a bath because you took it yesterday. You need it every single day.
Progress Today believes that the best motivation you can get is by looking at yourself in the mirror and recollecting your vision, values and goals.